• Status Cake Alerting Refactored

News: Status Cake Alerting Refactored

Published: 10/10/2019

We have refactored our StatusCake monitoring to do the following.

Domains start to be monitored when their URL resolves to an IP address located on our servers.

Domain cease to be monitored when their URL resolved to an IP address not located on our servers.

Each Reseller and Each user has access to a Realtime, Uptime Statusreporting page similar to:


A user's uptime page shows their domains.

A Reseller's uptime page shows both their domains and those of their users.

The reseller name has been removed from the name of check to further white-label the service.

The number of Realtime user reports and domain checks is only limited by the users and domains in your accounts, which if you have an Elastic Account should be unlimited.