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Published: 14/10/2019

R1Soft Backups working again

R1Soft snapshots are now working successfully on all nodes.

Published: 14/10/2019

Small Outage to Restore Previous Kernel

R1Soft has not been forthcoming with a fix for them not being compatible with a RedHat 8 style kernel, reverting to a CloudLinux 7 kernel. Outage 21:30 for less than 5 minutes.

Published: 10/10/2019

Status Cake Alerting Refactored

We have refactored our StatusCake monitoring to remove a domain, when it's no longer hosted with us, and not to add a domain until it's resolving at our IP addresses. Downtime alerts go to the email address of the Reseller User (primary user account) Update: A further refactor now checks the ...

Published: 04/10/2019

TLS 1.1 Retired

We've switched off TLS 1.1 TLS 1.0 has been switched off for a while, along with SSL v2 and SSL v3

Published: 27/09/2019

Software Updates

DirectAdmin updated from 1.59.0 to 1.59.1 LetEncrypt updated from 1.1.28 to 1.1.30 cPanel to DirectAdmin conversion script updated from 0.0.35 to 0.0.36 Comodo ModSecurity Rule set updated from 1.221 to 1.222

Published: 26/09/2019

Control Panel Overhaul

We've switched to the evolution control panel throughout our servers and find it offers all of the features in a better layout than the Darwin or Cyberpanel theme did. We've now removed both Darwin and Cyberpanel from our options. Demo the evolution theme https://demo.unixguru.co.uk Username: ...

Published: 25/09/2019

New Domain Prices

Please note we have changed our domain pricing. Somethings are more expensive and some things are significantly cheaper. Coming soon!! Our Domain reseller program will see super cheap domains available to pre-paid customers.

Published: 24/09/2019

phpMyAdmin access using Single Sign On

At last DirectAdmin has added the ability to connect to your MySQL databases using phpMyAdmin, without you having to provide login credentials when you access it from the control panel. This only works, if you envoke the phpMyAdmin from inside the "MySQL Management | View Database" ...

Published: 24/09/2019

R!Soft backups suspended

We are currently unable to take R1Soft backups, as R1soft cannot currently compile an hcp module for the hybrid kernel we are running. We've opened a ticket with them and will resume R1soft snapshots, in the meantime, we'll continue taking DirectAdmin backups.

Published: 23/09/2019

Quick reboots

Customer servers have been rebooted quickly this afternoon, to install a new Hybrid kernel. This allows us to continue to run CloudLinux 7 binaries, whilst taking advantage of the new Kernel features available in v8.

Published: 23/09/2019

Control Panel is now SNI enabled

Historically, when you tried to use the control panel using https://your-domain.com:2222 it would have redirected to http://our-server.whitelabeldomain.com:2222 Now it will only do the redirect if your domain does not have a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate, which is available for free!

Published: 19/09/2019

Anti-DDoS Protection increased

Our DC has increased DDoS protection from 450Gbps to 10Tbps, which is great news. If a customers IP gets DDoS'd that IP will automatically go into mitigation and be defended.

Published: 11/09/2019

Bandwidth Increases

We have increased the bandwidth per account to 2TB per CPU.

Published: 11/09/2019

Imunify360 switched out for BitNinja

We are no longer using CloudLinux's Imunify360 or ImunifyAV products. We have switched to BitNinja.io to keep the servers safe. Our switch to OpenLiteSpeed created some incompatibility with Imunify360, which has meant we have been more vulnerable to attacks, and whilst we haven't been compromised, ...