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Published: 21/07/2019

!LiteSpeed Hosting is Back!

We're hosting all machines on LiteSpeed technology once again. If your site uses a cache system, you might want to purge it.

Published: 19/07/2019

Python Hosting

We are now offering python hosting, along with node and PHP. In the usual tradition, we are making ALL popular versions available.

Published: 27/06/2019


Nghttp2 1.38.0 updated to 1.39.1 ionCube 10.3.4 updated to 10.3.6

Published: 26/04/2019


LetsEncrypt updated to 1.1.20

Published: 24/04/2019

Server Hardening

Some routine server hardening is taking place today, if you experience any weird symptoms, then please let us know.

Published: 23/04/2019


Dovecot updated to ionCube 10.3.3 updated to 10.3.4

Published: 15/04/2019


Rspamd Config 0.3 updated to 0.4

Published: 09/04/2019


DirectAdmin 1.56.0 updated to 1.56.1 icu4c 58.2 updated to 64.1 ionCube 10.3.2 updated to 10.3.3

Published: 05/04/2019


Apache 2.4.38 updated to 2.4.39 FreeType 2.9.1 updated to 2.10.0 Dovecot 2.3.5 updated to Easy Spam Fighter 1.22 updated to 1.24 Rspamd Config 0.2 updated to 0.3 ClamAV 0.101.1 updated to 0.101.2 RoundCube 1.3.8 updated to 1.3.9

Published: 02/04/2019

Email Change: Apps will need to send mail through gateway from May

From May onwards we will switch off the ability for scripts to natively send outgoing mail. Scripts will need to authenticate at the mail server to ensure you only send emails through configured email addresses.

Published: 17/03/2019

Nghttp2 update

Nghttp2 1.36.0 updated to 1.37.0

Published: 17/03/2019

Monthly Inactive Sweeps

We are now sweeping our servers for Inactive Domains. If a domain remains inactive for 28 days, we will suspend that domain in the control panel. We will start to remind users that their domains are inactive on a monthly basis. We will eventually start to delete inactive domains, but that ...

Published: 07/03/2019

Dovecot Upgrade

Dovecot updated to 2.3.5

Published: 17/02/2019

Nameserver IP Change from 1st March

We are retiring two old nameservers and replacing them with two new ones. Old IPs Going are:- and Being replaced with the new:- and They are all currently working now but we will switch off the servers with the old IPs in March. If ...

Published: 01/02/2019

FASTer Disks

We've added faster disks to all customer hosts, so the I/O limits have been raised, so you will see an improvement for non-cached file access.

Published: 31/01/2019

LiteSpeed 5.3.6 Upgrade complete

What's in this upgrade? https://www.litespeedtech.com/products/litespeed-web-server/release-log

Published: 30/01/2019

phpMyAdmin Update

phpMyAdmin 4.8.4 updated to 4.8.5

Published: 25/01/2019

Nghttp2 v1.36.0 Update

Nghttp2 1.35.1 updated to 1.36.0

Published: 09/01/2019

ClamAV Update

ClamAV 0.101.0 updated to 0.101.1

Published: 07/01/2019

IonCube Update

Native PHP ionCube 10.3.1 updated to 10.3.2

Published: 14/12/2018

All customers migrated

Many thanks for your patience, all customers have now been migrated to our new platform.

Published: 05/12/2018

We are moving platforms

We are moving customers from cloud2 through cloud8 to cloud9 through cloud17 servers. Please note, if your domains nameservers are not set to those provided by us, you will need to switch the address records of your domain when they cease to function. I would suggest therefore that you reduce ...

Published: 15/10/2018


Nghttp2 1.33.0 updated to 1.34.0

Published: 05/10/2018


ClamAV 0.100.1 updated to 0.100.2 Dovecot updated to 2.3.3 Comodo ModSecurity Rule Set 1.163 updated to 1.182

Published: 24/09/2018

NodeJS 10 Update

NodeJS 10 has been upgraded from 10.7 to 10.11

Published: 11/09/2018

Emergency Maintenance

PHP Selector is being repaired currently. Please bear with us. Maintenance completed successfully.

Published: 06/09/2018


Nghttp2 1.32.0 updated to 1.33.0 cURL 7.61.0 updated to 7.61.1

Published: 24/08/2018


LetSEncrypt Engine updated phpMyAdmin 4.8.2-all-languages updated to 4.8.3-all-languages

Published: 24/08/2018

Old DNS Nameservers retired today

Remember we're retiring many of our nameservers today. If you are a customer, please visit the following URL for more information. https://clientarea.unixguru.co.uk/knowledgebase/article/217/what-are-your-nameservers-/

Published: 23/08/2018

Shared Hostig server rebooted at 21:40

Rebooted in less than 5 mins, all systems up and working

Published: 14/08/2018

Free Wildcard SSL Certificates (*.yourdomain.com)

DirectAdmin has introduced Wildcard certificates through LetsEncrypt, but these are currently only available to users with the "Enhanced" skins.

Published: 13/08/2018

R1Soft Changes are completed

R1Soft backups should be happening at the correct frequency, however, as always in best practise, check which restore points are available before you attempt anything destructive that you may need to restore later.

Published: 31/07/2018

Backup Changes

Please note, due to some configuration changes the R1Soft backup system is performing merges, so there are some "missing" backup windows. If You are performing something that might need reverting, it is advised to make a DirectAdmin backup, until we give the all clear that the r1soft backups are ...

Published: 30/07/2018

Google Authenticator added to Shared, Reseller & Elastic Hosting

If you want to start using Multi-Factor-Authentication of your SSH connections, you can set it up from the command prompt $ google-authenticator and follow the prompts.

Published: 26/07/2018

Canadian DNS Server is UP

Engineers are about to complete a DNS resync to ensure that the Canadian Server is in sync with the UnixGuru universe.

Published: 26/07/2018

Canadian DNS server down

We have reached out to the DC (datacentre) where this is hosted to ask why we have lost control of this server. The other 7 DNS servers in our cluster are still functioning as expected.

Published: 17/07/2018

Root Cause for R1Soft Issues Indentified

We have identified the root cause for the R1Soft backups stopping and so will not need to reboot servers in future to fix this issue. R1Soft has previously recommended a server reboot to fix this issue.

Published: 12/07/2018


ClamAV 0.100.0 updated to 0.100.1 cURL 7.60.0 updated to 7.61.0

Published: 11/07/2018

MariaDB Upgrade to 10.3.8

MariaDB has been upgraded to 10.3.8, this DB introduces lots of new features and it's optimiser allows it to handle random loads better and faster.

Published: 11/07/2018

Google Chrom to reject Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust and Rapid SSL Certificates

Here is an article that explains why:-   https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/02/07/beware_the_coming_chrome_certificate_apocalypse/

Published: 10/07/2018

LVE Issue, cleared by Reboot

A shared server has been rebooted to clear a possible LVE error.

Published: 05/07/2018

R1Soft stopped working

Some shared and reseller servers have stopped backing up and are being rebooted.

Published: 03/07/2018

Nameserver Reboots

Our nameservers are being patched and rebooted in sequence. There will be no downtime, but if you are unlucky enough to hit a given nameserver (1 in 8) during the reboot, there will be a delay in resolving the domain.

Published: 02/07/2018

Dovecot Update

Dovecot 2.3.1 updated to 2.3.2

Published: 29/06/2018


DirectAdmin update to 1.531 phpMyAdmin 4.8.1 updated to 4.8.2 Coming soon LetsEncrypt Wildcards

Published: 27/06/2018

IP Address & Server Updates

We will, in the next few months, undertake to change our servers to the latest technology, as we do every so often. Please note, if your nameservers are not set to UnixGuru's provided nameservers then during these switches, your sites could be down until you have set your nameservers correctly ...

Published: 14/06/2018

Customer Server Reboots

All customer servers have been rebooted following R1Soft maintenance. Uptime is a Priority, but backups are right up there, and we want to ensure that backups are done automatically like we claim!

Published: 14/06/2018

R1Soft Service Rebooted

R1Soft Backup Services were rebooted at 12:30 GMT.

Published: 12/06/2018

LiteSpeed Update

LiteSpeed Webserver has been upgraded to the latest version. There was no downtime.

Published: 29/05/2018


Let's Encrypt Engine updated to version 1.1.6

Published: 26/05/2018

Paypal Subscriptions have been cancelled

We've cancelled all customers PayPal subscriptions as we switch to "Billing Agreements". So please be aware that PayPal customers accounts will not renew themselves this month, but they will have to start a new billing agreement.

Published: 18/05/2018

cURL Updates

cURL 7.59.0 updated to 7.60.0

Published: 15/05/2018


Nghttp2 1.31.1 updated to 1.32.0 FreeType 2.9.0 updated to 2.9.1

Published: 09/05/2018

Billing System Core Refactor

We have completed the refectoring of the billing system core, which is now must faster.

Published: 27/04/2018


Comodo ModSecurity Rule Set 1.161 updated to 1.162

Published: 11/04/2018

Billing System Facelist

Some downtime was experienced today on the ClientArea portal and Website whilst we gave it a facelift. I hope you enjoy the new look.

Published: 26/03/2018

Analytics system upgrade

Our analytics system will be offline for a few minutes this morning.

Published: 22/02/2018

MariaDB Upgrade to 10.2.13

This was an online upgrade with resulted in approx 2 minutes of outage on each node.

Published: 05/02/2018

Withdrawal of support for BitCoin for new customers

We have withdrawn the ability for "new bitcoin customers", if you were not already using bitcoin as your method of payment it will no longer be available effective immediately.