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Resource Usage Monitoring


We monitor our shared & reseller hosting closely and continuously.

You can query your users resource usage using the "Resource Usage" plugin in your DirectAdmin C'Panel.

Each DirectAdmin C'Panel account is locked in it's own LVE (lightweight Virtual Environment), like a VPS.

Usually the containers are configured very generously, with more CPU, Memory & I/O than a standard shared hosting website needs.

The LVE is configured generously, but not so generously that it risks bringing the server down.

Should a customer website start to use far more CPU than it should, it could be because:-

  • it has been hacked
  • needs optimising
  • is poorly coded.

We will contact the customer via the ClientArea ticket system.

Please do not ignore such tickets, as that will quickly lead to suspension of the user.

As a guideline, shared hosting is not for hugely popular complex websites. We've seen simple sites get 500,000 views a day without unduly stressing the server, whilst we've seen more complex sites with 1000 visitors a day use huge amounts of server resource due to poorly optimised code or DB queries.

A site is considered troublesome if it reaches an average of 5% CPU multiple times a day, or for sustained periods. Please note that's average CPU. We expect sites to use upto 100% CPU when code is running, but we're worried about continuous load.

Such sites may be asked to upgrade to "Premium Hosting", or have their CPU usage restricted, which will affect the performance of the site. If they continue to pose a problem they may also be suspended. Our priorities lie with customers as a whole rather than an individual site.

We will be happy to help with a custom solution, but this will inevitably be more expensive than a shared solution.

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