Reasons for suspensions

Resellers sub-account/customer has been suspended

Reason: Spam

A domain has either sent outgoing spam or possibly a blog/forum is allow registrations without a captcha/Recaptcha, which has fake signups, and the system is trying to send emails to nonexistant email addresses.

Reason: Abuse

Domain contains a Virus/Trojan or has been hacked.


Resellers/Unsuspending Users

If we have suspended your domain and you decide to unsuspend it, you must fix immediately.

If the same domain continues to get reinfected and causes further issues, then we may insist that your remove it from our servers.



If we hve suspended your account and you cannot access your control panel, this is most likely due to non-payment. Please check the Client Area Portal for any outstanding invoices and pay them.

(If you have shared and not reseller hosting it might be for Spam or Abuse, but you won't be able to see).

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