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I've order a service, but haven't received my credentials


UnixGuru Hosting 1st time ordering procedure

Ensure you completed the steps below, especially step 3.

  1. Customer Signs Up & Orders a Hosting Service

  2. Billing System sends invoice to the customer (this ensures correct email was entered).

  3. Customer pays invoice via Paypal, Credit Card or Bit-Coin.

  4. Payment-Gateway notifies the billing system that the invoice has been paid.
  5. Billing system automatically noties the server, which creates and configures the customer account.

  6. Billing system send the Customer a "Welcome Email" including login Credentials.


We don't create the account before we receive payment to keep out fraudulant orders and time wasters. This helps keep spamming and malevolent users from abusing the web and mail servers.


Direct Debit.

You can also pay by direct-debit, but your account will not be activated until we have received your money. Therefore, if you decide to use Direct Debit, please play your first invoice with PayPal, Credit-Card or Bit-Coin and set up your direct-debit immediately that you are invoiced for your 2nd period, this will give it plenty of time to work before payment is due.

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