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What is Elastic Sites Hosting


Elastic Sites hosting is a new concept allowing you to have the power of a VPS, while still having managed services, at a reasonable price.



Old web hosting services used to give "equal share" CPU resources to customers. So you if had two customers on a server and one had 10 domains, and the other had 90 domains, each domain would get approximately 1% of the resources if all things were equal.

Now when you consider that they both pay the same amount of money, why should one customer get 90% of the resources and the other 10%.

How would you deal which a customer that has only one bustling site?


Elastic Sites

You buy the resources that you need.

These resources are spread out amongst your accounts, where you can allocate the resource limits (if you want) to your users/sub-accounts.

Other customers purchase the resources they need and cannot steal yours.

Currently, we offer 1 to 4 CPU accounts; more power can be made available on request.

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