What backups do you perform?


We take three types of backups.

1. R1Soft Continuous Backups (Hourly)

We Keep the last:-

  • 24 Hourly backups
  • 14 Daily backups
  • 4 Weekly backups
  • 3 Monthly backups

2. Admin Level DirectAdmin Backups - Full Data (Weekly)

3. Admin Level DirectAdmin Backups - MetaData (Daily)


We take these backups for ourselves in case of a disaster.

We do not guarantee that any given backup can be restored, but will attempt to do so on request if you have paid the correct fee.


We do offer you the reseller and user-level backups in the control panel, so you can and should make your own regular backups and download them to your own computer.


Please Note

Due to our R1Soft 3 month retention period, should you decide to discontinue with our services, we will hold your data in our backup system for 3-4 months after your accounts are terminated.

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