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How do I use CloudLinux on my VPS


First, you will need to purchase a CloudLinux license for the "Main IP" of your VPS.

Second, you will need to inform us that you intend to use CloudLinux on your VPS, so we can activate the necessary configuration.


Once done the following steps will install CloudLinux:-


1. Install LVE

# wget http://repo.cloudlinux.com/vzlve/cldeploy
# sh cldeploy -i

2. Install PHP Selector and different PHP versions

# cagefsctl --init
# yum groupinstall alt-php  # (if desigred)

LVE and CageFS work with OpenVZ now.

Further technology may be developed for OpenVZ in the future.

We can provide you with a CloudLinux License for your Main IP for £9.99/month

We can provide you with a DirectAdmin License for the same IP for a further £9.99/month



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