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Why do you insist on customers reseting their own password?


UnixGuru servers are protected by our security-robot and dynamic-firewall. These technologies are in place to block IPs that attempt access our services without the correct credentials.

It is therefore paramount that the customer has an accurate database of all of their access credentials so that they always use the correct passwords each and every time so they do not get locked out of the system.

If you get locked out of the system it will usually only be for 20 minutes, unless you have been locked out several times in any given week.

Our services are provided on the basis that customers manage their applications and access credentials whilst we look after the hosting environment.

It's the simple principle of "If the customer can do it, they should do it". Our pricing structure does not assume that we will be performing these tasks, therefore we will request a fee to perform a password change.

If you are happy to purchase engineer time to reset a user password then we are more than willing to perform the task.


Client Portal (https://clientarea.unixguru.co.uk) can reset Reseller and Shared host passwords.
(Your password to the client portal can be reset using the "Forgotten Password" mechanism)

DirectAdmin (Reseller Level) can reset sub-account user passwords.
DirectAdmin (User Level) can reset Email and MySQL passwords (phpmyadmin cannot be used to reset passwords).


Please Note

We will help a customer is has become permanently locked out, but will require either a static IP address or dynamic DNS name, to configure our systems with to stop this lockout from happening again.We are able to whitelist static IPs and track and whitelist dynamic DNS names. Whitelisted IPs do not trigger the blocking mechanism.

We do not like to white dynamic IPs for obvious reasons, but will often whitelist them for 7 days when we manually unlock them.

The customer should take care not to get blocked, but reseting any unknown passwords immediately and never guessing them.

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