Email Limits


  • We have configured each DirectAdmin account to send a maximum of 10,000 emails in 24 hours.
  • Individual email addresses default to 1,000 emails per day, but you can change this value.
No matter what limits you have given individual email addresses, the DirectAdmin account cannot send more than 10,000 emails per day.

We suggest that you place different domains in separate DirectAdmin accounts, wherever possible.
Please note
There are some anti-spam limits.

You cannot bounce more than 25 emails in a given 24 hours, or the email account will be frozen until it's password is changed.

Similarly, if a web script bounces more than 25 emails in a given day, it will become frozen, until an Admin removes the lock.

We've added these particular limits to limit exposure should your email account, or website get compromised and used for spamming.

There is a zero tolerance for deliberate spamming.

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