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How do I view my site before I switch DNS?


Are you moving your LIVE site from somewhere else and want to ensure it's working at UnixGuru first?


You need to make a "host file" entry on your computer which overrides DNS.

DNS is the system which converts your domain name into your IP address, but your computer is looking in it's "host file" for this DNS translation before it looks at DNS. (It only uses DNS if a host file entry is not found).


If you are using Linux, your host file will be named /etc/hosts

If you are using Windows, your host file will be called c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts


You will need to be root (Linux) or administrator (Windows) to edit this file. (In windows just right click notepad and "run as administrator").


At the bottom of the file make an entry like unixguru.co.uk www.unixguru.co.uk


This tells the computer to find www.unixguru.co.uk on if you want to stop using the host file and switch back to DNS, then place a #(comment) at the front of the line.


# unixguru.co.uk www.unixguru.co.uk


This stops the computer from reading the line but makes it easy for you to restore later by removing the #.


Please note

On Windows. You may need to close and re-open your browser between updates of this file. Ensure you save the file (as administrator), then close and reopen your browser.


Quick Alternative

If you merely want to see if it loads and you are not doing full testing and NOT using SSL, then it might be simpler to use the following URL.


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