Can I use another monitoring system?


You can use any monitoring system that you like as long as it does not interfere with with our hosting.

However, if your monitoring system does not work with our hosting, we will not undertake to fix it as 3rd party monitoring is already provided free of charge.


Please Note:

Please do not monitor your website every minute, please try to monitor it every 10 minutes max, or every 5 minutes if you have a premium account.

If everydomain on a shared server was monitored every minute, assuming 600 domains on a server, then 10 requests per second have to be answered by the server just to satisfy the monitoring. Each server will have upto 20 resellers and a number of other accounts on the server so a worse case scenario may house 2000+ sites, and would be serving 30+ requests per second just for the monitoring.

If a particular monitoring service looks to the Security-Robot as if it is attacking the service (too many connections, too quickly) it's IP will get blocked at the network perimeter it will get blocked.



This is why UnixGuru subcontract a 3rd party (StatusCake) to monitor every domain for us.

StatusCake monitoring is setup the moment you configure a domain on our system, we monitor the site every 15 minutes. As we monitor every site, we are effectively monitorig a server several times a minute and will be aware of any downtime before the customer is aware.

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