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The webpage says I'm blocked


If the website has told you that you are blocked rather just "just disappeared" then you know your website is accessible to your customers.

You have been blocked for getting your password wrong, wait 20 minutes before trying to access your services before trying again.

Only try again if you KNOW what your password is.

If you do not know your password then reset it.

  • Email/FTP & HTTPD passwords can be reset in the DirectAdmin control panel.
  • DirectAdmin passwords can be reset in the ClientArea (Billing Portal) (https://unixguru.co.uk)
  • The ClientArea password can be reset using the "I Forgot My Password" mechanism.

Please do not use the helpdesk to reset passwords, as you will be charged.

Ensure that the email address used by the billing portal is current and accessible.


Why is your IP blocked?

  • You got your password wrong too many times. The following are monitored.
    • DirectAdmin
    • HTTP protected areas
    • FTP

Why do you make me wait?

  • If you are a hacker, a delay of 20 minutes if you get the passwords wrong before you can try again, is quite effective in making them give up.

Why can't you reset it immediately?

  • The SLA for answering a ticket is longer than the time you need to wait to try again.

Will you reset it if I raise a helpdesk ticket.


If it is found that our system is at fault, and you hadn't simply forgotten your password, then we will of course refund any monies paid.

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