What uptime monitoring do you provide?


Uptime Monitoring

Why provide monitoring for customers for free?

UnixGuru are so confident in their uptime and performance that we provide uptime monitoring for every domein hosted on our servers.


Why can customers trust UnixGuru's monitoring?

Rather than use our own monitoring services for our customers, we  employ StatusCake, an independant 3rd party monitoring Company.

In this way you know that we are not massaging the figures.


What is the frequency that you monitor each site?

By default we monitor each site every 15 minutes, this might now sound very often, but given that a server can have hundred of domains on it, checking every website minute would create several pages views every second, which would not be good for performance.


Why do you not recommend customers using their own monitoring?

We've found in the past that many customers use their own uptime monitoring, but many customer can use the same monitoring system to monitor their sites and too frequently.

When this happens, our "auto defense" systems can see the monitoring IP as an attacking IP when too many connections are made too frequently, and ban them for a short period.

When this happens customers can get false reports from their monitoring system, which see the site as down, when it is up and responding.

We have exceptions in our defense systems for StatusCake IPs, and have an API to fetch newly added StatusCake IPs.

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