Why is the late fee so high for domains?


The late fee charged for domain renewal is to cover what the registrar calls "restore" price.

When you do not renew a domain on or before the date the invoice is due, your domain is changed from "active" state to "expired".

The "restore" price is usually upwards of £100, some domain types like .hosting are £250.

We notify you at 50, 40, 30, 10 & 5 days to go, and issue an invoice with 28 days to go, so you have plenty of time to renew,

You are also able to renew your domain (add another year) at any point, in the client area/billing portal.

If you don't pay the late/restore fee after your domain expires, then your domain, depending on the .tld, will be auctioned, not by us, but the registrar.

If after this time you decide that you wish to keep your domain, you will have to bid on it at auction.

We recommend that customers always renew their domains with plenty of time remaining.

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