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How does the 14 day moneyback guarantee work?


We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on Elastic-Hosting

In the event that you are not happy with our elastic hosting, we will refund your money in full for the elastic service.

(With the exception of any domains you have purchased, which remain your property).


  • If you are unhappy, then please contact Us first by raising a ticket outlining your problem.
  • We will offer to rectify the situation, if at all possible, so we will ask you for further information.
  • If you still don't want to continue with our hosting then we will issue you a refund

Why we want a reason:-

  • We would like to have a valid reason for your unhappiness if you wish to provide one, as we would like to improve our services by rectifying any underlying cause for your unhappiness.
  • Please do not give a false reason, as this does not allow us to improve our services, and is unnecessary.

What's not covered:-

  • The cost of any Domain Registrations/Transfers will not be refunded, as they will remain your property after any shared or reseller hosting is refunded.
  • We retain any domains that came free with the service.

This refund guarantee becomes Null & Void if:

  • If the terms and conditions are broken within the first 14 days
    • If you have been caught spamming, phishing or otherwise breaking our Terms and Conditions.
  • If a "PayPal dispute" or "credit card chargeback" is applied for before contacting us or before our refund process has completed.
  • Please note that if you make a chargeback on PayPal or your credit card, then any purchased domain will pass to us, to either get a refund or to dispose of as we see fit.
  • If a chargeback is made and you haven't followed our refund procedure, then a record of this will be made with Fraud Record, which is a service subscribed to by other hosting services. This could affect your ability to get other services in the future.

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