Why Termination?

It is an extremely rare occurance that UnixGuru Hosting will terminate a client, here are some examples of things that could result in termination.


1. Willful Spamming by Customer

2. Hacking of our network by Customer

3. Customer using our network to hack others

4. Customer purposefully endangering our network.

5. Customer repeating bad behaviour we have had to contacted/suspended them before.

6. Non Payment, after suspension period.


So what happens now?


When we terminate a customer the steps are as follows.


1. We suspend the customer's services

2. We perform a backup of the customer's services.

3. We then terminate the customer's services.

4. We make the backup available to the customer for 28 days.

5. We cancel the customers portal access

6. Eventually we will delete the customers portal account.


(This process can take 24 hours to perform, during this time the customer will have no access to any services or data, and access to anything other than the backups will not be granted.)


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