Allowing remote access to your DirectAdmin Databases


This is a tutorial to take you through allowing outside access to your databases on a VPS.


1) If you have a firewall installed, you must first allow your IP to destination port 3306 on your server.

(If you have the CSF+LFD firewall, you can simply add your IP to the allow list)

Database root user credentials

2) You will need your da_admin credentials ready, they can be found in /usr/local/directadmin/config/my.cnf

3) Navigate to http://yourserverurl/phpmyadmin

4) Put in your da_admin credentials

Making the changes

5) In the main top menu, click the "Users" tab along the top

6) Locate your user and select the "Edit Privileges"

7) Under the main top menu, you should now see the database user options, choose "Login Information"

8) In the "Login Information" panel, you should see a dropdown named "Host:", by default this is set to "local", please select "Any host" from the dropdown menu. You should see the box to the right populate with the % (percentage) symbol.

9) In the "Create a new user with the same privileges and …" panel, choose "… delete the old one from the user tables and reload the privileges afterwards."

10) Press "Go" bottom left

Keep repeating steps 5 to 10, until all the database you need have been changed.

Then select "Log Out" from the top of the left panel (the door symbol)

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