How to cancel a service

If you wish to cancel a service, then we ask that you use the client portal to issue a cancellation request, To do this please perform the following steps.


1. Log in to the client area portal at http://unixguru.co.uk/clientarea

2. Ensure you are in the "Dashboard" area, by clicking "Dashboard" on the menu.

3. Click the "Manage" button on the type of service that you wish to cancel.

4. To the right of the service you want to you cancel, click on the pull-down menu and choose "Cancellation Request".

Choose whether you want immediate cancellation or whether you wish to cancel at the end of your billing period, then click the big red "Request Cancellation" button.

5. Please, if you want, provide us with a reason that you are canceling. (We use this information to improve our services).


As part of service cancellation, we will terminate the service you have requested to be cancelled and cancel any PayPal subscriptions that you have.

You may have to set those up again if you have other services with us.

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