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PHP 7.4 Now available


We know that you like to be able to try the bleeding edge! We've released PHP 7.4 in our PHP Selector. We'd recommend you try your sites out, to see whether they work in 7.4, but don't put production sites in PHP 4 until php.net annouce that it's safe to do so!

CSF - Resellers now have unblock privileges.


If a customer IP is blocked, a reseller can now unblock it themselves in the DirectAdmin @ Reseller Level. At this time, we have no plans to allow resellers to block IPs using CSF, however, they can do that in their .htaccess files.

Better Visitor Statistics


We have introduced AWStats alongside Webalizer Stats. AWStats has been configured to remove our StatusCake monitoring from reported stats and show robot visits separate from "Real" visitors. It also shows "Unique Visitors", which is the defacto metric that customers are after,