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Rebooting cluster cloud to load new kernel


Cloud2 through Cloud11 will be rebooted in turn to update the kernel as we are stuck on a beta kernel, which kernel care is not updating.

Small Outage


We rebooted the unixguru.co.uk webserver after increasing the cloud instance size. Also customers on the cloud9.netip.eu cloud instance should know that their server has changed name to cloud9.unixguru.co.uk. Please change your nameservers to ns1 and ns2.unixguru.co.uk at your registrar if your website is down.

.eu nameservers have been suspended


As UnixGuru is a UK entity, .eu domains have been suspended, so nameservers will need to be switched at your registrars to ns1.unixguru.co.uk and ns2.unixguru.co.uk